Absolutely necessary

Yet again I've let technology get the best of me. I'm horribly behind on this blog. Let's see, here is a line by line update of our life in the past few months.

* Madeline turned 3 on the 18th of January !!! All day she asked when it was going to be her birthday. I think what she meant was, "If this is my birthday, where are my presents?"

*The very same day, Luke got laid off due to a significant decreased work load in his department. Shock, shock, shock. (Don't worry we've recovered nicely.)

* Two weeks later, I got a call from THE SILVERSTONE LIBRARY, the newest branch in Meridian, about an available position. Of course I responded with glee and amazement at the timing. I interviewed and waited a day for their decision.

I got it!!! I am now a library assistant 1. The work is perfect for me in amazing ways.
Good hours. Fantastic fellow staff. A daily sense of accomplishment and usefulness. Nice wages. A break from the house duties, (and a super husband who helps pick up the slack while I'm out.) I get to work with books and people at the same time, all while meeting a crucial community need, encouraging the love for learning. I love it!

*The only downside I can see is the significant reduction of time for crochet. But I get my crochet kicks in on my three days off. I have made since Christmas; one finished belt and two almost finished belts, a granny square scarf, two pairs of granny square slippers, a phone case, four hats, four headbands, and some flower adornments for one of my tank tops which will be sewed on sometime in the future. I'll talk to Luke about getting some pictures up here.

And now for a few cute side note.

I offer this as proof that he spends his time with nerd parents. On the way home the other night, Noah was imagining and wondering out loud what it would be like if there was a world made of books. According to him all the people would be made of books, including their feet and their shoes, and their hair, and they would eat books, and take book showers, and drive in book cars on book roads, and the clouds would send down books instead of rain. He was thrilled just thinking about it. We certainly encouraged him. As a final note to make it over the top cool he said, "And transformers would be real." There you have it.

Noah's story

Noah wanted to post this story on our blog. He told it to me and I transcribed it.

Without further ado, here is Noah's story:

Firetrucks had a fire and the police came, too. Fire Department and one day the alarm set off and then they were speeding down the road. And then fire and they were speeding super fast. And then they had their siren on. And then the police, they think the house fire was started on purpose.

They came to see. And then the firemen shoot their water out. The house got put out.

-The End

Noah also wanted this picture to go with it:

Wedding pics!





New Stuffs

The other night in the car Noah said, "Can you tell me how the world works?" The kid is a hoot. He started preschool on Monday and loved it. The teacher reported that he repeatedly reminded her when she told him it was time for lessons, "I only came here to play." We had a good talk afterwards, mostly about how preschool was for work and play. Madeline is adjusting to having alone time with me. So far I think she likes it too but I can tell she wishes she could stay at preschool with Noah. Luke is staying afloat, barely, this week amidst deadlines and not enough time. And I, I am...trying to keep busy to pass the time. Wedding pictures are coming, I promise.

Back in the Swing of Things

Don't look now, but I'm pretty sure life is just as chaotic post wedding glory. The school year for Luke has begun with a bang! Full time student, full time accounts payable clerk, fully time dad and new husband with a T.A. position on the side. I am back in the saddle as full time Danimum. Sure my title seems a lot simpler, but don't count me out of the madness and mayhem. Noah is attempting to grow up with out growing up and Madeline is enjoying the terror of being two. More to come at a later date...