I did it!

I wanted something spectacular to report here. I wanted some event that would shake all my reader's boots. So I waited and waited for that spectacular boot shaking...and then I waited some more. Instead I have mildly amusing and informative report to give about the last month or so of the Faeb household.

1) Luke finished designing the invitations and we got a real steal when we had them printed at Kinko's. Here's a shout out to Tarrah's manager! She's great. Promptly following that escapade that really wasn't much of an escapade because they made it so easy for us, we celebrated at one of our habitual eateries, Raydean's. Shout out to the Turkey Melt and the Monte Cristo with the strawberry sauce! You never let us down.

2) I signed up for a six week ballet class for beginners on Monday evenings in July and August! Great work out and me time as the wedding approaches.

3) My girls, Ann and Caitlin, made a visit to Idaho and it was an extremely rejuvenating weekend full of butt gusting laughter, sharing time in our bathing suits basking pool side, and great food.

4) I realized I'm not ready to spend $70 on two cosmetic items. Buyer's remorse for sure. So I took them back and found the less expensive versions and I'm so happy with them.

5) Noah is showing signs of severe boredom. I can't wait for him to experience preschool this fall.

6) I'm growing more and more excited for the Staeb Family Reunion in Spokane. Less than 9 days!!!

7) The fun stuff of the wedding planning for me is definitely the DIY and getting things done and checked off my list. Current projects lined up are bouquets, bridal jewelry, table decorations, music equipment, and food reservations. Yay!

Well thats pretty much it. If I remember anything else exciting I'll be sure to post. Keep your eyes open for boots that wiggle with spectacular force.

Mic Check

Testing...testing...is this thing on?

Turns out we haven't posted in a couple months (whose counting?). Here's a brief update from the eyes of Luke:

1. The wedding is in two months. Eeek. We'll have invitations out by this Saturday (Thanks for the help Kylie!)
2. Lack of school is starting to get to me. I feel antsy to be doing something.
3. Dani is going in for her dress fitting soon!
4. I still need a groomsman.
5. I entered a short story in the Mid-American Review's Fineline Competition. It's called "The New Place in Port Harbor." If you want to read it, look for an issue of the MAR in October or so. It'll be the winner :) (Or I'll get another rejection letter to add to my binder!)
6. I've been trying to record songs in Garageband. I love my Mac.
7. My ankle is healing well. I'd say I'm at about 95% range of motion.
8. Dani's ankles look spectacular in her purple flats. But they were never injured.

That's all for now. I'm the strong silent type. Perhaps I can get Dani to fill you in on the rest.