The Faeb Household:


Dani started her illustrious career in Broadway musicals at the age of 9. Though a child prodigy on the Kazoo, Dani grew bored of music entirely during adolescence and turned her attentions to her true love; jewelry making. Today, When not spending her time stringing her latest pearls, you can find Dani in Idaho, being Superwoman for three very grateful Felts.


While Luke received substantial media coverage in 1983 as a result of being the first Vietnamese boy both conceived and born under water, he has since ducked out of the lime light, and now spends his days in a very quiet, very dry, ghost town in Idaho. Every now and then, a stray reporter digs up his unique history and comes knocking; these precious few are rewarded with a unique tale of love lost and hidden treasures.


At 296, she is the oldest of the Felt clan. Due to a strange mixture of genetic abnormalities and modern science, Madeline ages backwards through time. She is a faithful disciple of the Church of Scientology, and has threatened me with the lord Xenu's fiery wrath if I take her off the grid.


Noah is two and a half years old. He enjoys horseback riding and using his patented belly sucker utensil for sucking bellies. Also, garage doors. He loves garage doors.


Melanie said...

Cute pictures! They look professionalish.

mom said...

Noah looks like a Felt! He looks like a 'Grandma's Mockingbird' to me! He also likes rocks. Don't forget about the rocks!