Video Update!

Check out this awesome video of Noah and Madeline!

Noah, while usually very camera shy, was eager to sport his MC Hammer dance. Madeline, too, was eager to show off her pipes.

Its Here, For Real, No Taksies Backsies

It felt like 70 degrees outside today. If you are one like me who had forgotten what that means, it means; it is warm enough to go outside without a jacket, or gloves or scarves, or boots. It is warm enough to go out in a skirt or shorts. It is warm enough to turn off the heat in the car and manually roll down all the windows. That also means its atmospherically pleasant enough to try and cross the monkey bars in order to impress certain toddleheads I know. Of course, my bones didn't get the memo so they're creaking now, particularly around the pulled section of my neck. Always warm up first. You'd think I would have thought of that.

Ohh the Woes of My Unrequited Love for a Product that is No Longer Available...Anywhere...

I'm sick yet again. That's four times in the past 5 weeks.


The title pretty much covers the basis for this blog post, but in case any of you go searching for the perfect sore throat remedy, you won't find Get Better Bears. Not in stores. Not online.

Its been almost five years since I had my first grape flavored sore throat sucker that worked miracles for my laryngitis, but I have never forgotten. I will never forget. Come back Get Better Bears. Come back.

Top Five Things I'm Going to Try and Do This Week

1. Sew. Sew an apron, sew a bag, sew placemats, sew homemade underwear from well loved t-shirts. Sew. Sew. Sew.

2. Not spend another penny on myself, or maybe I should limit that to anything that might add to my recently lavishly updated wardrobe. Yes that is specific enough.

3. Eat healthy balanced meals with a fruit and/or veggie in all of them. Banana chips count.

4. Play more with Noah and Madeline. More Lego house building. More dancing and puzzle doing.

5. Finish and or continue reading one of four books I've started in the past eight months.

On Salad: Two Points of Interest

So to all of you who eat fresh produce; Wash! Wash! Wash! before eating. I more than urge you to do this simply because today I found a dead fly on my lettuce after removing it from its plastic packaging.

Also, how many of you knew that Caesar salad was my favorite salad dressing until just a few days ago? Oh yes, it was, (ok so it still mostly is,) but I certainly got the shock of my life when a former culinary art student informed me that the black specks in the dressing are not pepper, but are in fact, ground up anchovies. At first I believed he was simply trying to trick or disgust me, but no, I checked my personal stash at home and sure enough, the 8th ingredient is anchovies. This is another example of how it proves wise to Read before eating as well.